About Post Grad Edu (Ltd)

We are committed to direct students to a high-quality of educational services for the mental uplift for the graduates and postgraduates in their professional programmes at various top universities and for those pursuing specific career preparations in their professional life.

We enable to a broad spectrum range of students prepare for a wide range of life pursuits, while fostering a passion and quest for knowledge. The understanding of cultural values with a view of themselves as independent thinkers and life long learners, plus contributors to knowledge and service to an ever-changing world in the new millennium. 

Why Choose Us?

Personal Statement

To guide you in writing personal statements that expresses your academic preparation and potential.


Application Strategy

To help you make strategic application decisions that will maximize your chances of success.


Ongoing Guidance

To provide advice and answers to important admissions questions right when you need them.

Interview Preparation

To ensure you can confidently express your academic potential during admissions interviews.

University Selection

To determine which universities are best fit for your goals and likelihood of success.

Research Guidance

To help you develop a supplementary research project that will make your application more competitive.


Our Mission

To completely assure that student profile are matched and only as per their requirement will educational institutions be selected for application in their proper satisfaction.


Our Vision

To be the best in guidance and proper advice to students seeking higher in the UK. To always provide the highest quality in our services. 

Reach Your Potential!

We at PostGrad Edu (Ltd) are here to guide you all the way, whether you want do an graduate degree or post graduate qualifcation.